Monday, September 9, 2019

Progress Reports are NEAR!

Progress reports are NEXT WEEK

You need
A Blog-- That is updated... I need your URL
-Summer potoshoots posted
-Elements and principals Posted
-Worm Hole Posted
-Botanic Gardens Posted
-Spirituality Posted
*NO empty pages, about me updated
*  you need to have your full shoots saved on drive

All these shoots need to be up for an A.. Missing one? B missing 2 C anything else F

All Due By this week FRIDAY

IF you are working on other work in class.. I will gladley give you another photoshoot to be due this friday

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Field Trip Tomorrow

Due next week..

Botanic Gardens Edites
WORD edites-- Element and principal
To work on next weekend or ASAP.. Spirituality shoot. They will be displayed in the gallery
MORE IDEAS for the botanic field trip
-Reflections/ translucency in water
-Geometric shapes vs Organic shapes
-Secret/Intimate spaces
-light and shadow by manmade and/or natural objects and structures
-signage- handwritten or typed messages about plants
-perspective/ plants in rows and lines/ structures organized in a grid
-interactive plants    or poisonous/dangerous plants you can’t touch
-mathematical structure of flowers (spiral, radial)
-color theory in gardens
-history of the gardens (english, japanese, sensory, rose, heritage) what makes them what they are? (research ahead of time to document examples)
-juxtaposition   what can you insert/engage into the foliage or imagery that would be unexpected or opposite (done after the field trip with Photoshop, Illustrator or hand rendered)
-color matching   what can you find that exactly matches the colors you find in the gardens? (done after the field trip with Photoshop, Illustrator or hand rendered)
-forced perspective/ scale  how can you use natural spaces or objects to play with scale and perspective?
-movement of things in the wind or because of the water
-names of the plants… why are they named what they are? What's the background/story behind it?
-location on the globe the plants are from  How did it come to be that we can grow cacti in the middle of winter or we use herbs that originated from across the globe?

-maps and charts for gardening/horticulture (done after the field trip with Photoshop, Illustrator or hand rendered)

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Botanic Gardens

Here I am exploring questions.. circa 1990

What are YOU going to explore..
--How can light create diffirent patters.
--How can a piece of a natural material be used to filter light?
--How does texture change in flowers according to climate?

Explore (jumping off points to research) How or Why questions?
-Garden mapping
-Man made paths.. "The wanted pathway"
-Zen in archecture/ plants
-Model railroads.. minitures (around $5 to get into this site)
-Climate Change-- FYI- If you choose this you will probably have to have a convo with someone who works there..
-Hortaculture Therapy

You need a inquiry question to bring with you to botanic gardens.. Orrrrr your staying at school.. I need the question from you BEFORE you leave..

So start searching their website!

For example.. I love illustration my inquiry could be.something like why is illustration a better form of botony then potography. How can illustration convey more then photography?


After the field trip you will be

Thursday, August 22, 2019


Your blog has to be UPDATED TODAY!

We will be meeting in H13 tomorrow for critique. 
You will not have a computer
This weekneds shoot is based on the piece of paper you chose yesterday!

Start researching your word as an element or principal of art.. that can then spin into an idea. The college board says they want to see that the photographer can still use the elements and principels in  their work. 

* YOU NEED TO  BE TAKING PHOTOS ALL THE TIME! Dont wait for me to give you ideas.  eventually I will not be..

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Grades for AP

Photoshoot Quality
How many photos should be presented?
28+ Photos for a good shoot
How many points should a Photoshoot be worth?--- Out of 5 points

5- Creative took a chance at something new. A blog post should have 5 edited photos!
4- Good photos but needs to elaborate.. Average -some planning.
3-No planning/ brainstorming. Last minute
2- Not enough photos- bad quality
1- Under 10 photos.. From your phone.. Clearly not a “shoot” clear you forgot

We will critqie on Friday

What are your top summer photos? top 5? top 10? have them posted on your blog!

I need your BLOG URLS!